Monday, May 30, 2011

Vote and win!

I have a swap that I signed up for today and I am pretty nervous because the others who are in the swap are really good at what they do and even though there are only 4 of us, I really want to impress.
I have been brainstorming all day and I have so many ideas bubbling inside me that I cannot  pick one. I have decided to ask for help and have put up a poll to see what you think would be the best choice to knock the socks off my partner.

The swap is for a fairytale character amigurumi and I really want to do a human (female) form as opposed to a monster or something ,I played with the idea of Mike or Sully from monsters inc. but I want more of a challenge.The swap is for the end of next month, although I was hoping to get started asap.
These are my choices
  • Thumbalina in a purse that is a drawstring purse that resembles a flower when closed (remember that she was tiny so the purse will make it more apparent as thumbalina)
  • Cinderella was another idea I was 'toying' with (get it? lol) and to make it a bit more like Cinderelli, I want to do outfits, one all raggedy and the other a ballgown and to top it all off, removable glass-ish slippers.
  • Ariel crossed my mind as well and was thinking about making her the human type but also I want to make a tail that she can just slide her legs into.
  • Alice and Dinah is a classic and will work up quite quickly since she is all the craze at the moment.
  • I also like the idea of Belle in her yellow dress and as a bonus I am not too shabby at making roses so I think that would be a nice accompaniment
  • Rapunzal is the newest characture to hit the big screen and since I have not watched 'Tangled' yet, I think the only thing I can add is hair.. alot of hair.
  • And lastly, I was playing with the idea of Mulan, Tinkerbell, Snow white, Jasmine, Aroura,Little red riding hood and some others.
So now for the good part. Remember that Ribbon woven journal? It was in my last blog for those of you who just joined us. It is an A6, hand woven, ribbon journal that is lined and has 144 pages.  Well, I am going to make one customized journal to one lucky follower and all you have to do is:
  • sign up to follow my blog,
  • vote in the poll 
  • and leave a comment for this post of what you think will make the best amigurumi.
The winner will be drawn a week from today and if you are the winner then you will be contacted via the name you commented with. You will then be asked for your address and you favorite colours for the journal and it will be sent to your address. The winner will be chosen using and the journal will be posted a week from the day they were chosen. The prize will be sent via regular post with a track and trace number. Good Luck to all of you.

 The comment of each player is just a suggestion and while the winning choice of amigurumi will be made, might not be the one I choose to send to my partner.The prize stated above will be sent to the winner and the trace number will be emailed to their address. I cannot be held responsible if you do not collect your prize or if the address you gave is incorrect. If the winner does not respond with their address for two weeks since being chosen then a new draw will take place.

*edited to note*
Please note that to qualify for the prize you will have to leave a comment as well as voting because your vote is annonymous.Thank you.


  1. Lovely giveaway>I voted for Ariel because she is mu daughter's favorite and I would like to see how she will change from mermaid to human,lovely idea.

  2. I love the idea of a tiny little Thumbelina in a flower pruse - too cute for words :)

  3. I voted for Ariel because she's a mermaid, at least half of the time :)
    Also following your blog

  4. I voted for Ariel because as a beginer crocheter, I'm impressed with the idea of a human than can be "inserted" in some kind of a tail. I would be so cool and cute. (Toupti from Swap-Bot)

  5. I vote for Thumbalina in the flower purse because it was my first and still my favorite character. Make sure you post the finished ami, I love the little things! dkay - Swap-Bot

  6. Blackbird 4- s b here' I'm already following your blog -love your little dolls