Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blogs and Buddies. (part nine)

I have completed eight blogs so far and am on to my ninth blog. I always get a little sad when it comes to completing a task and for  most of my adolescent life I have been famous for not finishing things. This has nothing to do with loosing momentum or laziness, it is just that finality is so...(for lack of a better word) final! To think that something you have put so much time and attention into will soon come to an end saddens me. As an adult I try my darndest not to live up to the reputation I had as a child, of always forgetting things, not completing projects and being scatter brained but it is only now, after 29 years that I realize my bad traits had good intentions and I am at peace with that scatter brained kid I was not so long ago. I have forgiven her for all her down falls and found that just because I was scatterbrained it only meant that there was so much other stuff that got my attention and just because I did not complete every thing I started , it was only because leaving a loose end some where meant picking it up at anytime.

So with that being said , lets get onto another blog

Day nine: 'The journey and musings of a single county gal by Mindy

I love the way the name kind of puts things in perspective for the reader.This blogger very cleverly uses her blog as a platform to give blog reviews, book reviews offer give-away's and pretty much just general musings (which are always my favourite part of blogs). I love the part of the blog where she asks and answers  random questions about herself. these are fun and gives the reader a better sense of the writer. I lover her 'short and sweet' book reviews. This is another blog that I will definitely be following. is where you will find Mindy.

Join me next time for my last and final (pause to wipe hypothetical tear) blog review for 'Blogs and buddies', but for now... Chow!

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