Thursday, May 17, 2012

Supplies and Stash

Home made washi tape!

You might remember in my last blog how I mentioned signing up for an online creative journalling class, well this week I got the class materials list. The class is given by a lady in America and most of the class supplies are things that are readily available over seas, this however is no qualm for a crafty gal like myself after all "necessity is the mother of all invention".

The one item that had  troubled me was washi tape. I have being drooling over these little beauties for some time now and while I have heard that they are available in South Africa (although I have yet to come across them personally) the price for them is quite high, something like R50 per roll.While I do not mind spending money on drool-licious products, R50 for a roll of tape is just too much for anybody, no matter how crafty you are. So, now I have to find a way to improvise and get as close to the actual product as possible. I have seen some online tutorials that seem a bit messy and/or fussy and the result does not turn out quite how I like it. I had an epiphany this morning while writing to a friend of mine and it seemed quite a plausible idea.

I scoured my house for anything tissue or tissue-like and came up with a few bits that I had lying about. I had some tissue paper from a box of boots that the shoes were wrapped in, some origami cut-offs and a fancy paper napkin that I bought ages ago because I liked the print. First I tried the tissue paper. I laid it out as neat and wrinkle-free as I could get it and taped down some double sided tape, cut around the tape ( leaving about a centimeter of paper to make a pull tab) and cut around it as close to the double sided tape as I could and "Hey presto", instant washi tape that looks amazing. Second project was the napkin. I had to do this a few times over because I had to go through all the layers or white napkin under it but ended up with some very funky washi tape and the origami paper looked good too but a bit too bulky for my liking as I think the thinner the paper, the more authentic your washi tape. I also tried some magazine wording and distressed it with some ink. The final result is really pretty and as close enough to the real thing as I would have liked.

The tiger print is the napkin and the red/pink is the tissue paper

I am totally in my element with the whole washi making experience and cannot wait to make some more. This project is cheap, quick, mess free and the results are great. Best of all, you get to choose the print you like. While I suppose you could use just about any material you like,  I think the lighter the paper the better. Just think about all the washi tape you could make with the tissue paper in gift bags, used wrapping paper, I suppose even aluminum foil could work, the possibilities are endless. I would not however suggest using newspaper as the print might come off. If your tissue paper is a little wrinkled then just smooth it out against the tape, a little wrinkling adds character and gives it that 'home-made' feel because as my art teacher always said, " If you want perfect then buy it from a shop".

I know that I am probably not the first person to think of this but I do think it is a pretty cool idea and a frugal way to make use of paper that would have probably been binned so till next time ... Ciao!


  1. Love I now have a name for my tapes, I often do this with the bits and pieces I have after trimming different papers, love your examples and can't wait to try some printed tissue paper that I have.

  2. Great idea - never heard of this washi before though

  3. I absolutely just had one of those "I can't believe I never thought to do this myself" moments lol What a fantastic idea! I love washi tape, I like to use it to 'mark' my Copics & other supplies when I go to crops, so this idea will have ALL the girls talking. I'd like to share this on my own blog after I try it, if that's alright with you :) Again, fab idea!

    MostlyMandy (SwapBot - FMBB))

  4. I was reading your comments from the online class forum "Got Glue" and wanted to read what you'd done...great improv!! I have made some similar stuff but hadn't connected the idea to the washi tape I guess since I only just recently came across it in a local store. I love your idea and application :)
    I hope I get you as a swap partner on Swap-bot in the future ;) I hope you'll stop by my blog and see the fun art I've been making and swapping on Swap-bot. You can find me at