Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vote and win....again?

Yes again! Here is another chance to win a customised diary. The diary in question will be the exact same diary as blogged about previously and with your favourite colours. All you have to do is name the amigurumi doll that I made in the last blog. Simple huh? Same rules and conditions apply only this time a winner will be picked at the end of July and posted within a week of confirmation with the winner. One of the stipulations is that you have to be a follower of this blog and the other is that you have to comment in the section below with the name of your choice.
I forgot to take a pic of Aynsleys finished diary although I do have a pic of it while in progress. Just to let you all know that she has received her diary and is very pleased with it.
Here is the ami again looking very 'emo' in her punk pink wig and
black skinnies with suspenders and white vest.

Aynsley diary while I was working on it. She chose pink,orange and white.
Just imagine it without the ribbons on the side and that is how it looked.

Finally, I got it updated with pics.Good luck to everyone and I hope to see some good names.....Chow!


  1. How cool is this!!!I did not realise that you had a page like this!It's great:-)Well done!xxx
    Lots of love,Francisca xxx

  2. she definitely looks like a Shirley to me :-)

  3. I was thinking she looks like a Lily?

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  4. I love the diary! That is something that I would never think to make!

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  5. I took one look at her and (to me) she said, "Tommie"
    (PS, found you on the Swap Bot Talent For Trade group, I'm Bandeau)