Monday, July 4, 2011

miniatures and missions

Here is just a quick update before I start today's blog.

  • I have 3 entries so far for the diary give away so chances are good,
  • I have a new blog focusing on my creative writing, I am still a little insecure but thought that I would mention it anyway,
  • I have started a new hobby which I will tell you about and I find it really exciting
  • Hippo's milk is pink (just seeing if you are paying attention, but it is true...apparently)
  • I am on round 3 of my recipe book round robin
  • I have started my own recipe book of sorts, just for personal use but it  focuses on cakes and sweets. (photo's still to come!)
  • I have conquered the Turkish delight and made some which came out really well.
I find myself at the door of a new journey, I have been standing outside for quite a while now but have decided to open it. Let me take you back to the beginning.

There is an amazing website called and it is a totally amazing site where you find a topic that you would like to know more about and then each week you get a e-newsletter about it. Well, when I first found out about it I signed up for loads of them. It is like a free class on whatever you like.I signed up for a miniature newsletter (the topic, not size of it) and each week I got my how-to for about a year.I read them, contemplated the projects and deleted it. I still get newsletters from them and am really glad when I see one sent to my email-box (?).

Now getting back to present, do you remember the  dolls house furniture I got a while back? Well something told me it was time I got back to it so I started getting busy. I assembled a dolls house out of empty cardboard  boxes, very kindly donated by the stationary shop up the road, and got stuck in (to the project, not the box). I was amazed at how quickly it started taking shape. I did however promise myself 2 things. One, that I would not pay a lot of money for another project and want to recycle as much as possible and two, I would spend my time on it and not race through the project and finish it quickly like I always do. So far, mission accomplished.

I am in the process of fitting the kitchen and it has been so much fun. I have made use of many cut up cardboard boxes, matchboxes, material that I have on hand, cleaning sponges ,some bits from my printers tray and my crochet skills. I would like to keep everything as authentic as possible so drawers open and cupboards close properly. I have made most of these pieces by trial and error and are my own ideas.

S, let the foto party begin:

miniature perfume bottles, made using coloured glass beads.

miniature nail polish bottles, also made using glass beads
 See my little bottles? This is a kitchen cabinet with opening drawers and cupboard. 

Told you they open, bottle and glass bought from a store

My kitchen in progress. My matching cabinet that also opens.

Bedroom, still in progress.
Living room, yup, in progress too.

And there you have it, the whole house, still playing with the idea of a laundry room, babies room and a bathroom.
The bedroom closet, my first piece I made and I was very proud, but now I still have to clean it up a bit with paint.

And a doll, still a bit crude but it was my first try, will make another soon.

I still have tons more to do and loads of ideas that I cannot wait to try.
Oh, and I just want to mention that I know it is very crude and that the scale is completely off and that there are tons of mistakes but this is just a branch on the tree of my hobbies and that I am doing it purely for pleasure and once it is done I will probably move onto the next adventure and this will gather dust on the shelf of forgotten projects so I am going to enjoy it while I am still interested and who knows from there.

So this brings a close to today's blog rambling so please don't forget to vote in the previous blog entry and have fun in all that you do...Chow!


  1. I love the perfume bottles! and pink hippomilk? that sounds weird ;-)

  2. I love it! I'm into dolls and miniatures too, but not the 'perfect' kind. One of my dolls (petite Blythe) lives in a green painted wooden crate. It works for us! The others used to live in a 'shelf apartment' before we moved and lost the shelf. :/ Mostly I just set up scenes for them now, to photograph them in. I often use bamboo type place mats to screen things and make 'walls' for their rooms. (Wanda from Swap-bot)