Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grannies and groaning.

First off, welcome and hi to all those who are my partners for the follow my blog on swap-bot. I hope you all like what you see and enjoy my blog.

Sometimes it is just so darn cold here that I hardly feel like doing anything, let alone crafting but sometimes I just have to. Remember that online journalling class I wrote about? Well, it has been tons of fun and has pushed me right out of my comfort zone into the world of mixed media. Lesson one was basically about background techniques, which is a really great thing if you happen to have a journal with blank pages like mine. My favorite technique was a paint method where you sweep the paint across your page with a credit card. The page I made not only thrilled me but actually gave me an idea about the direction I want to go in concerning my journal. I have decided to make my journal an inspirational one, filled with quotes and cute sayings. Here is the page.

Doesn't this just remind you of swirly ice-cream?
A project I have been working on is another blog. There is just so much I want to do and am too cold or uninspired to get around to so I have made a blog of pictures and free patterns, all for the love of granny squares. They are so easy and there is so much you can do with them that I could not help myself, not to mention the cornucopia of drool-licious pics on pinterest. You can read Nasreens granny goodness over at Nasreen squared and if you have any questions or looking for pattern ideas or comments about  what you would like to see then don't hesitate to drop me a message or leave a comment.

Onto more personal stuff, my friend had a baby a week ago and at the beginning of her pregnancy I had promised her a baby blanket. I started on a very ambitious project and got overwhelmed quite early on in the process. I shoved my work to the back of my yarn closet and forgot about it. The baby boy is now here and I have yet to produce a blanket.... YIKES! Okay, I just had to calm down and tell myself that I could do this. Grabbing the biggest hook I could find and all the loose balls of yarn in shades of blue, I got down to work.  Three days later I am happy to say that I have almost completed a baby afghan and it looks really good. I ran out of yarn and since I started on Friday  night I have to wait till the weekend is over to continue but there will be pics when it is done. It is basically 6 big-ish granny squares joined and then crocheted around, easy enough but still a job and a half. All things are possible though and my nickname is not McGuyver for nothing.

Hopefully by next post I will have a completed baby afghan, more inspirational journal pages and more of my crafty waffling but for now ... Ciao!


  1. hi, im erickalin from swap-bot, beautiful blog and proyects, congrats, i invite u to visit m blog

  2. Thanks for the welcome! Love your blog. I look forward to seeing more from you. BTW- I ♥ your homemade washi tape.
    Adriann Swapbot (FMBB)

  3. I love your journal page(: Good luck on the baby afghan I can't wait to see the pictures.