Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pin cushions and Pouches.

I have been so inspired today that I had to just write it all down before I loose my momentum and what better place to share it than on my blog.

While scrolling through blogs and google pics, I started delving into pincushions and felt. I never knew I needed a pin cushion until I was sent one for a swap I had participated in and it was like a blessing I had never even considered. It makes sense though , and my mother will confirm this, that a pin cushion and Nasreen go together like icing and a cupcake. I cannot even try to count how many needles,scissors and  pins I have lost over the years. Some where out there (probably on lost sock island) is a cave just overflowing with run-away sewing implements that I have lost. The answer to my lost needle/pin problem was answered by a new friend that I have made who designed and crafted a needle book and pin cushion jar (a modified baby food jar filled with sewing goodies and a pincushion crafted to the lid) specially for me. So now this sorted my needles perfectly, but what about my scissors?
Well this was my solution:

Pink embroidery scissors pouch.
For so long now I wanted a cute little pair on scissors but with my track record I knew that it I was going to spend money on something that was going to be declared MIA in a week or two. This adorable (if I may say so myself) pouch has solved my dilemma and become a treasured addition to my sewing stash.  This is how I made it:
I made a template by tracing around my scissors and cut 2 pieces of felt out, sewed around the edges and added a button and a cute heart on the front. I was so pleased with my project that my heart sank when I inserted my little scissors and they slipped through the stitching, a problem hastily solved by inserting a little stuffing in the bottom of the pouch. Voila, a uber cute little embroidery scissors pouch. It has been almost a month and I still have my shears, which is an endeavor worthy of a medal in my case.

Now that my scissors pouch has lost its original appeal and has just become an item of stash, today my creativity was re ignited with this little cutie.

introducing my bottle cap pin cushion.
All credit is due to JenSergrest who featured the tutorial for this project on where you can find tons of free tutorials and how to's. Her pin cushions are much better than mine but since this was my first attempt, I am really impressed and when I have more time I will be making many more of these and embellish them a bit better. Ideally I would love to make a little set with a matching scissors case, bottle top pin cushion and (dare I try to make) a needle book.

Felt is such a notoriously blah material to use and many people shy away from it due to its rough texture and child-like quality but I promise you that it's uses are endless and a great material to use for fun projects. My haberdashery hardly sells any and the stuff they do have is stashed in a small corner of the shop that I usually have to dig out every time I shop there but it is worth it when you can churn out a little gem like the pin cushion or pouch. I implore you to give it a go and try something new, even if it only turns into a coaster, you will surprise yourself and how durable and easy it is to use plus with the colour intensity and funky tones, how could you not.

As I have waffled on quite a bit today I will love ya and perhaps leave ya with a little curiosity at how felt can work for you...Chow!


  1. Hello Nasreen,

    Thankyou for the nice comment on my tutorials blog. What a good idea to use masking tape, I never thought of that, in fact it will probably be better because it won't show through any light coloured fabric, I must get mine out and give it a go!

    Kind regards

    Lynn B

  2. Ooops, forgot to say, love the little pin cushion!