Monday, May 16, 2011

Beginning of a Book

The cross stitching Saga, from the makers of "AAArgh, I have to pull it all out" and the equally fetching sequel " I can't believe I have to pull it all out... Again!" This season do not miss the beginning of a new project, one woman, one mission and a whole lot of heart break. Coming now to a blogesphere near you.

A tad bit dramatic? yeah I know but cross stitching has really brought out the drama queen in me. There is very little that goes wrong that I cannot blame everything else for. Miscounted? blame the cat. Thread tangled? blame the bad lighting. Running out of thread? Husband has the t.v too loud. If the last one made you go "Huh?" then just trust me, it can be done.

I thought cross stitching was going to be a therapeutic way for me to relax and pass time but boy was I wrong. I have started a project that I had my heart set on from the get go, a masterpiece to define my creative stitching ability. A project that would cement my place in the stitching world as a feat worth proudly displaying. But so far all I have to show is a very wrinkled cotton canvas with three (out of twelve) unfinished shoes. Every time I hit I snag that is too big to compensate for I move on to the next aspect of the design. The only way I can see myself of not getting fed up and using my canvas as a floor wipe, and believe me I want to, is to keep myself busy with lots of small projects and that way when I tire of the one then I can just move onto the other. You can find a copy of the pattern that I am attempting at  (which offers free patterns for you to download ). The pattern is by Barabara Baatz Hillman ( a personal favourite of mine, love anything and everything she creates) and is a vintage shoe design that was almost as if it was custom made to suit me because it is so very me. I got the purse pattern too but that is another project for another time.

isn't it just to die for?

So my next project is lined up and a tad more ambitious than the first. I have my heart set on making a stitching book and since I have no pattern and am going of a tutorial (which you can find here here at the wonderful violarium along with the most stunning and inspiring picture gallery) with fabric that does not match that of the tutorials, I see myself with equal the amount of frustration as my first project. The only thing keeping me on track is my sense of the fact that I love a challenge and the part of me that has to see every project through (see my first blog entry for more on this) and the fact that I am announcing this project to the world via my blog kind of sets my projects in stone and is a sort of promise that I feel I must live up to.
As for the little stitcher's book, I will keep you updated on the progress as I go along and try to make a decent looking project (no promises) that I can share with all of you. Join me for the ride and lets see where this goes...Chow!


  1. I see you work in the wee morning hours. I thought that time was reserved for us scrappers, trying to get the last few embellishments in the right place!!! Love your blog! Keep it going!

  2. Wow, I just loooooove this shoe pattern!

  3. I feel the same way. I love cross-stitching but I have been known to yell at the thread. That pattern is gorgeous!

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