Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blogs and Buddies. (part seven)

My deadline has come and gone and I have yet to review 4 more blogs so without further ado i am going to complete my mission and turn tothe task at hand.
Lets see who today's blogger is shall we..

Day seven: Wallflower DIY by Kaatje.

Kaatje is a  blogger from Belgium who currently has 2 blogs. Kaatje is a keen zinester and for those of you who who do not know what a zine is, it is definitely worth looking up and don't blame me if you get hooked (*wink wink). this is going to be a blog I will have fun following since it is packed full of tutorials and how-to's.One of the tutorials which really caught my attention is for a little letter needle book that stole my heart and will be number one on my list for a 'rainy day' project and considering we, in the southern hemisphere are entering Winter, is going to be anyone of these days now. The more I browse this blog, the more I am drawn in by really professional photos and the personal touches that really make the author of this blog more relatable.

I  really had to do a bit of searching through this blog to find the first entry which I feel usually sets the pace for the blog and is usually written when the blogger is at their most inspired.
The first post introduces us to Kaatje and gives us a feel of what she is about, telling us about her interests and  hobbies.
All in all a very inspiring blog with lost of uplifting aspects and definitely worth a browse.
This adventure was basically just a swap I entered to get some recognition in the blogging world and while I can plainly say that I have seen alot more traffic since the start of my project, I have gained so much more. An insight into the lives and musing of others, things which mean so much to them that they are willing to share it with the world. I have really have learned more than I expected in this journey and I am so excited to see what the next few days bring but till the next blog...Chow is where you can find this dolly loving zinester.

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