Friday, April 8, 2011

Blogs and Buddies. (part three)

Now that we have taken a little break, lets get right back into it.

Day three:  Urban Granola by Selina

Today's featured blogger is  Selina

Selina is an american blogger and is very family orientated, which I really admire. What caught my attention form the get go was her creative cooking and flair for decorating. I was dumbstruck by her cupcakes and being the cupcake-oholic that I am, I just kept staring at her amazing confectionery creations.

I love the layout of the blog which made it easy for me to follow and navigate.It is very clear that Selina loves her family and upon reading more of her blog, it seems as if she will be adding another addition to her family, that is right, she is preggers. Congratulations Selina !!!(BIG SMILE) I am a sucker for a cuddley baby and this blog has just the right amount of cute and ooh aah factor with cute smiling baby. There are more than enough photos for you to browse though of a really true happy family and in this day and age I think it is just what we need to give us hope in humanity.

I am not yet a mother but will definitely stay tuned and if the time ever comes then I will know where to turn to for advice. Great advice and nifty tips,this domestic queen gets 2 thumbs up.Until the next blog...Chow! is where you can find Selina

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