Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blogs and Buddies. (part six)

The deadline for my blogging adventures is drawing nearer and I have decided to put my head down and really make an effort to represent these blogs as best I can. By the way, I have noticed a lot of traffic through my blog since the start of this adventure and I want to thank everyone who has taken the time out to blog about me or just those who have decided to stop by and have a squizz, thanks for the support. Here we go...

Day six : ...consciousness collection... by Em

Memtree, as she likes to be called , is all about sustainable lifestyle which is very honorable in my opinion. Most of us 'say' but how many of us 'do'? I believe it starts with yourself and any small contribution adds to the big picture which I believe this is what the blog is doing. This blog started in 2010 and has grown to 58 followers....that is quite a feat in itself. Memtree is a photographer ,and a pretty cool one at that, and an avid crafter. I was even surprised to come across a recipe that even a newbie cook ,like myself could follow and believe me, I have every intention of trying. It is safe to say this blog stimulates the mind, soul and stomach. I will walk away from this blog with a feeling of inspiration and and enlightenment and feel as though maybe I should do my part too in saving  this world we all love because as a fellow swapper said, "it's the only planet with chocolate" and if that is not a reason to be a little more self sustaining then I don't know what is.So for now...Chow.

Drop by and give memtree a shutout from me.

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