Friday, March 11, 2011

So here I am.

I have arrived at what I hope will be a blogging success because I have tried this before but have never achieved what I was hoping to, being a newbie to the world of blogging has rendered my goal quite unreasonable. I had a blog prior to this but was frustrated that I could not see my followers. What is the point of sharing your views with a crowd of invisible people? I had comments I suppose, but my following consisted of incomprehensible mutterings of a few people who had not yet mastered the english language which leaves me wondering why they were reading my blog in the first place. My guess was that either the admin of the site were randomly posting comments on peoples sites to make them believe that their efforts were worthwhile or I really did have an avid following of non-english speaking folk who legitimately shared my views , the latter being wishful thinking.

So here I am, ready to share my thoughts and hoping for a second chance filled with possibilities, so let me start...
My mane is Nasreen and I am here to vocalize my love of crafting and all things related. Ever since I was a little girl, crafting has been in my blood. While some would call me artistic ( mostly mom and dad with a few kind friends in between) I am far from being an artist. The differance between being crafty and artistic in my opinion is that one lives for the art and strives to perfect their skill were as I rather take it in my stride. I dabble in this and that and very few times get the result I want but am happy with the outcome. I craft with beading, scrapbooking, atc's and my all time favorite, amigurumi ( I will explain the last one in more detail in my next post). My speciality being amigurumi and have found that I have mastered an understanding of the yarn and what it is supposed to do for me.

So now that you know my love of craft I will go on to some of the other things I hold very dear. I love my family and spending time with them trumps any other activity. You will always find me with a good (and sometimes not so good) book nearby. I partake in swapping internationally and can often be found wondering around shopping centres were I can browse for housrs. I love shops that are out of the way and stock unusual items and am intimidated by big shiny shops selling one of each item with no price tags and snooty sales people who are doing you a favour by taking time out of their very precious self-ego-loving day to look at you and consider actually speaking to you. Give me a babbling friendly sales lady who could'nt care less if you bought or not, but is just happy you entered the store anyday and I am your customer for life

So that pretty much sums up my introduction and all I have to say in my first intallmaent of 'this and that'. I look forwartd to many random ramblings and reviews and maybe getting to vent a little now and then.  So till next time...Chow!

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  1. welcome to the world of blogging. look forward to reading what you blog about. now following your blog and blogging about your blog.
    memtree from swap-bot